My Queen

CFA CH Dolly Ave Lychee


CFA Champion

Lychee is my keeper seal bicolor girl. I fall in love to her with she open her eye, i can feel she is the one that i love! When she grow up, she prove that i'm right. She is the special perfect one. She will finish her grand champion soon. 

Mani Dolls Dolly


Dolly aka Lily, she is a seal lynx bicolor from Taiwan. She always feel like a kitten, keep running in the house and very very playful. She is the one that playing with the vacuum. She always is a baby.

Rockinblues Milan of Dolly Ave


Milan, Seal bicolor girl. Her face is the standard of ragdoll in my mind. She has everything i want in a perfect ragdoll beside the half mask on her left face. Although she is not a show girl, but she is the best queen i have. I can wait to keep her babies in her coming litter. 

Adorabledolls Mallow of Dolly Ave


Mallow is seal bicolor girl from California. She is my very dream girl in my breeding plan. Very gorgeous face, pretty blue eyes, Beautiful ear set. The most special is her silky texture correct correct. She is my lovely girl.

CH Dollyland Landrynka of Dolly Ave


Landrynka is seal lynx colorpoint girl from Poland. She is a very special one and the only one colorpoint in my cattery. I never think about colorpoint can be that adorable before i seen her. She is a huge girl, and love to talk with her. She has a very big blue eye, and a very cute black lynx paws. She is really a special one in my cattery. 

Dsjewels Diamond of Dolly Ave


Diamond is a tortie bicolor girl. Tortie girl give so much fun for breeder, wish to have different color babies in one litter. Diamond is purring monster, she keep purring when you look at her. She is a little bit shy and a quiet beautiful girl. 

Rockcreek Toffee


Toffee! Seal mitted girl! She is a wonderful great queen. She give me very beautiful babies. In her first litter, She gave me a national winner Dragon, My keeper girl Lychee, and a Grand Champion BonBon who went to Taiwan. This is a amazing litter. Hope she will give more and more beautiful babies! 

Bloomdolls Bibimbap of Dolly Ave


Bibimbap is a very beautiful standard ragdoll. She has a very long rectangular body, perfect ear place and real correct ragdoll coat. Every cats in my home love her so much and love to give everyone a bath. 

Dolly Ave Pipikachu


Pipikachu is my second own breed girl, daughter of Dolly and Tibet. She has everything i love, a super huge blue eye, strong muzzle, beautiful ear set, and heavy boning. Look at her sweet sweet face, what perfect Ragdoll face! | Tel: 626 377 5590

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