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My King

CFA GC, RW Ragissa Tibet of Dolly Ave

TICA DGC Ragissa Tibet of Dolly Ave


CFA Regoin Winner, Grand Champion

TICA Double Grand Champion

2017-2018 CFA Southwest Region 17th Best Kitten 

2017-2018 TICA Southwest Region 17th Longhair Cat

2018-2019 TICA Southwest Region 21th Longhair Cat

Tibet is a blue bicolor boy from Poland. He’s a very lovely boy. He  rewarded CFA Region winner and Grand champion in 2017-2018, And TICA Double Grand Champion. He has a very pretty blue eyes, strong chin, beautiful ear set, and very soft coat. His personal is the sweetest part of him, he love everything in the world. He always put his head on the keyboard and looking at me when i was using computer. My sweet heart ever.

CH, NW Dolly Ave Dragon


CFA National Winner, Champion

2018-2019 CFA Region 1-9 16th Best Kitten 

2018-2019 CFA Southwest Region 2nd Best Kitten

Dragon is a blue lynx bicolor boy from my own breed program. He is my first national winner. I had never thought about national winner before showing him. He did very well in the first show of kitten in his 5 months old. Also in international show, Dragon took the best of breed in teal when he was 6 months old. He is a gift given by Final Edition and Toffee. I love him 3000.   

Rockcreek Final Edition


Final Edition is a blue lynx bicolor from California. He come to me when he was one  years old and three months. He is a super hormone boy, and he always thought he is the king of the world. Therefore i let him stay home forever as a real king and not showing; however, he gave me the best kittens! His son- Dragon is a national winner, and also few grand champion, and grand premiership. He is the best king in my cattery. The real king.